After accessing the ventilation system, I knew the problem was sizable

I went down to the cannery last Thursday to talk to a buyer that has been experiencing some trouble with the ventilation system.

The buyer uses a sizable ventilation system to unattach all of the airborne contaminants.

That guy has a construction corporation that makes high-end and detailed furniture pieces. The ventilation system unattachs all of the fumes from paint and varnish and it gets rid of the sawdust and other air contaminants. The owner called that heating and A/C maintenance corporation because he felt there was more sawdust in the air than proper and he was upset there might be an issue with the ventilation fan. I quickly put on our overalls. I knew I was going to need to crawl through the ventilation Network to honestly get a unbelievable look at things, then luckily, the air duct and the cannery is about 4 ft across and 2 ft High. There is plenty of space for a qualified worker to transfer around inside of the area. As soon as I accessed the ventilation system, I didn’t need to go any further. I unattachd the panel and shined a light inside of the air duct. I saw many arenas where the light seemed to shine back and that meant holes in the air duct. I told the owner of the cannery that I needed a couple of minutes to honestly assess all of the damages, but things didn’t look good. The 40 year-old air duct system had a lot of repairs that needed to be made if the ventilation fan was going to toil correctly.






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