I didn’t know which air filter to get

I entirely had no clue which air filters to get whenever I was at the beach house improvement store the other day.

I felt as if I were a dummy because I was standing there on the heating and cooling supplies aisle and for some reason, I had not bothered to look at the measurements for my air filters at home, and so I didn’t have a clue about which a single I should purchase.

I also wasn’t sure what type to purchase. There were all kinds of different air filters there, even though I wasn’t sure whether I should get an anti allergen filter, a HEPA filter, or just the cheapest common store brands; Luckily for me, there was a store employee who seemed to be pretty sharp about heating and cooling systems, including air filters. She came over and asked myself and others if she could provide some help, and so I ended up describing my gas furnace to hand. Honestly, I did not even know the type of natural gas furnace that I had, which was another reason that I felt stupid that day. The store employee took a few wild guesses in helping myself and others find which air filter I should purchase; Based on the description that I told him about my natural gas furnace, she took her best guess as to what I should get. Then she told myself and others that I should constantly come back and exchange it if it did not labor in my natural gas furnace. I guess I should entirely pay more attention to things love my natural gas furnace and my air filter. Otherwise, I’ll constantly guess deranged in the beach house improvement store.

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