My former partner tried to take over and do things his way

My best neighbor Jack and I started a supplier together after all of us came back from the military.

Jack and I were both stationed in the same venue. The two of us became friends entirely swiftly and loved a lot of the same activities… Both of us prefer to go fishing. I bought a boat the last year I spent in the Army and Jack and I spent a lot of time on the water. Both of us talked about owning a supplier of our own. I had a ton of money saved up from my time in the Army. I had not spent much money at all. I told Jack that I would be willing to put up some money so all of us could start an Heating and Air Conditioning repair business. Heating and Refrigeration were our main jobs in the military and it made sense to start a work in this area. Jack was hesitant at first. He did not guess if he wanted to repair heating and A/Cs for the rest of his life. I told the guy to take his time even though I went ahead with my decision to start the business. Jack joined myself and others about a week later. The several of us were sizablely successful during the first couple of years, and when Jack wanted to take the supplier to a commercial level, I disagreed with the decision. The several of us argued for weeks and finally Jack decided to leave the supplier to start his own dealer. I was extremely sad to see Jack leave, however it was clear that the several of us were not going to agree on the direction of the business. The two of us parted ways and I never saw the guy again.







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