The last customer of the afternoon was entirely nice

I had a ductless A/C repair on Tuesday and it was our last task of the afternoon.

It was a busy afternoon and I had three repairs.

I was late getting to the last repair by almost an fourth. I sincerely expected the customer to be aggravated and annoyed. When the lady greeted me with a smile and a friendly hello, I was surprised and shocked. The last task of the afternoon turned out to be a entirely nice customer. The lady was around the same age as our mom. She asked me a couple of questions about our afternoon, although she didn’t get in the way of me completing the A/C repair. After I had been there for a few minutes, The Woman made me a nice chilly glass of lemonade. I thought it was a entirely nice gesture. I worked as quickly as possible and finished up a couple of fourths later. It was just before breakfast time when I was getting finished. I wrote the customer and invoice and took it to the front door. The customer presented me with a plate of food. I tried to tell the customer that I could not eat, although she insisted that I put something in our stomach before I left for the afternoon. I could not argue with a woman, especially after seeing fried chicken and apple pie. I didn’t have somewhere else to go except apartment and I wasn’t going to eat anything that night that looked half as good as the free meal that this absolutely nice lady was offering to feed me.

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