The Winter makes myself and others want to move away

The Winter weather has been entirely awful so far and I am entirely sick and tired of it.

All of us got a ton of ugly dark gray snow on the ground, and it seems love it’s been here forever.

Each time the sun comes out, it’s followed by an immense snowstorm. It’s getting entirely old, if you ask me. I am beyond ready for the Spring, but of course not a single person controls the weather, so there is nothing that I can do about it except embrace the fact that the temperatures are still in the mid 20s. I would not mind if it was the Springtime already, but there’s no sign of things warming up yet. The way that the snow hangs around for weeks at a time around here has entirely made myself and others start thinking about the idea that I might want to move south. I at least want to move someplace warmer than where I live currently. I hate the way that I have to pay such high heating bills for my home each and every single week. It’s love I am going to go broke just so I can stay nice enough in my home to not freeze to death during the Winter time around here. I just do not believe that it makes too much sense to live in a weather conditions that is so strenuous to live in. I do not know why anyone would ever choose to live here. I was born here, and that’s the only reason that I am still living here, however, I am just about ready to go someplace else. The thought of living someplace where I don’t have to worry about the gas furnace any more sounds quite appealing to me. I would care about living in the sunshine!



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