Benefits of a geothermal heat pump and why you should have one

Geothermal heat pumps are considered the most environmentally responsible choice for temperature control. This genre of heat pump not only provides both heating plus cooling capacity however draws heat energy out of the ground. It uses an underground loop system to take luck of the renewable energy source offered by the sun. At any time of year, no matter the weather, the underground temperature remains fairly constant. There is heat available. While the excavation necessary to install the underground loop makes this genre of system a lot more extravagant than a more conventional option, it also offers amazing energy efficiency! Rather than burn fossil fuels to generate heat, the loop absorbs heat out of the ground plus transfers it into the house. This process is wonderfully clean plus quiet, avoiding troubles with carbon monoxide, fumes or redhouse gasses. In the summer, the heat pump reverses operation to pull heat out of the house plus transfer it into the ground. This creates a cooling effect, much like a traditional air conditioner. Heat pumps do not cause troubles with overly dry air in the Winter plus help to combat excess moisture in the summer, then geothermal systems create many times the amount of energy needed to operate the equipment, achieving efficiency ratings upwards of 400%. There’s also the added bonus of free warm water. With the replacement of a valve, the geothermal heat pump will supply the warm water for the household at no cost, and because the heat pump is installed indoors, it can be expected to last at least twenty years. The underground loop is warrantied for 50 years however should last for twice that.








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