This is just not as pressing at the beach

My child had done quite well for himself financially.

He purchased a house right on the ocean.

The sound of the waves, view of the white sand plus steady wind is so enjoyable. I recently spent many afternoons with him, plus I just loved it. It is the ideal time of year to hang out at the beach. The afternoons are full of daylight plus red skies while the afternoons are nice plus cool. I was able to open my window, plus the sound of the waves helped myself and others to sleep. I am not sure if I have ever slept so well. Although the daytime temperatures were well into the eighties, I never felt warm because of the steady breeze. The a single afternoon, both of us spotted dolphins swimming in the ocean. There were constantly pelicans plus sandpipers flying around. It was such a joy to breathe the fresh air. Where I live, the extreme weather forces us to keep the windows closed plus the house tightened up to prevent energy waste. We rely heavily on the oil furnace for approximately eight weeks of the year. The temperature drops down into the negative digits, forcing the gas furnace to blast at maximum capacity. The air in the house becomes terribly dry plus stuffy. In the summer, both of us have the opposite problem. The temperature soars into the hgh eighties with excessive humidity. We run the air conditioner and a dehumidifier. The temperature is an issue just about all year round. I know that it gets cold and warm plus humid at the beach however my child can go without heating plus cooling most of the time.

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