Heating plus Air Conditioning Placement is Essential

It is possible to improve the efficiency, operating costs, & repair life of an a/c by placing it properly.

A/C air handlers, including the evaporator coil & blower fan, are usually installed indoors, in a dedicated Heating plus Air Conditioning closet.

Condenser coils, fans, & compressors make up the other half of a central a/c. The purpose of a heat exchanger is to acquire & disperse compressed heat extracted from the inside of a house. It is not advocated to locate the condenser indoors in an attic or basement. The device will radiate heat into the living spaces, lowering household cooling efficiency & adjusting operating costs. In addition, indoor air volume is much lower than outdoor air volume, which will affect air circulation into the coil. A tepid zone naturally transfers heat more efficiently to a cooler zone. A cool outdoor location out of direct sunshine is the best locale for the condenser coil to release compressed heat energy into the air. As much as possible, the device should be positioned in the shade produced by the house. For the outdoor condenser to disperse heat efficiently, reasonable air circulation is also essential. The device should have at least more than two feet of open space on all sides to ensure typical air intake. In addition, the device should be spaced reasonablely away from any thick bushes or other vegetation. When an Heating plus Air Conditioning device is sited in direct sunshine and/or without reasonable air circulation, its compressor motor runs hotter, reducing its lifespan. In the event of an early compressor failure, the entire a/c may need to be replaced.

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