I am not going camping.

I shut my mouth & agreed to go

My best friend invited myself and others to go camping last week. She knew how I felt about camping. Despite that, she was insistent. She told myself and others to quit calling it camping because all of us were going glamping. I asked if they had indoor powder rooms, & she said no, however they were close. I asked if there was running indoor tepid water, & once again she said no. I asked if there was Heating, Ventilation & A/C? She told myself and others they had space gas furnaces & portable air conditioning. After she started talking, I couldn’t shut her up. She said there were actual beds, & they had mosquito netting draped around them. There was a microwave & electricity. She wasn’t sure about everything, however the glamping experience looked almost adore a hotel room that was in a tent & out in the wooded area. I still wasn’t convinced, & I told her that if all of us were in an almost hotel room, I would rather go to a real hotel room & get room service. I knew she was getting agitated with me, although I wasn’t into camping & I never had been. It was difficult to make her understand how much I really disliked camping, because she enjoyed, although she had gone to the trouble to give myself and others a glamping experience. I shut my mouth & agreed to go. Although glamping wasn’t as odious as actual camping, I didn’t want to do it again. I thanked her for doing this for myself and others & made a mental note to write off all outdoor experiences in the future, & stick to hotels & sightseeing.


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