Is it truly necessary to talk about this right now?

My mother plus I were talking about our upcoming wedding the day the Heating plus A/C specialist arrived to service the gas furnace.

When he started talking about her plus dad needing a new gas furnace, she stopped him.

She asked if it was truly necessary to talk about the gas furnace right now plus if he didn’t realize, they were getting ready for a wedding. The Heating plus A/C specialist left his notes on the table plus left, while she plus I maintained the rest of the plans for the wedding that weekend; After I went up for a shower, mom must have looked at the Heating plus A/C specialist’s notes. I heard her yelp as I was walking to the shower. She yelled up plus asked if I had heard the Heating plus A/C tech say every one of us needed a new gas furnace. I remembered him saying something, but none of it had registered, however mom asked him to talk to her about it later, although he left the note plus left. She looked white as a ghost. She said dad was going to kill her for not calling him plus telling him every one of us needed a gas furnace. I laughed, because dad had never even raised his voice to her, as far as I knew. I told her to relax, plus just discuss it with dad when he got home. When dad got home, he was aggravated about needing a new gas furnace, when they had just put out all the money for our extravagant wedding. He said that if it was necessary, he would call the bank plus they could have the new gas furnace installed after the wedding, but right now, all he wanted to focus on was our getting married this weekend, plus then they would talk about a new gas furnace.







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