My mother was questioning our labor ethics.

Of everyone in the world that would have a reason to question our labor ethics, I never thought it would be our mother.

Dad saw how strenuous I struggled to make sure I consistently did our best. I never took shortcuts when doing homework or housework for her. That Dad questioned our labor ethics, not just hurt our feelings, but made me hour-guess myself. It was hard enough for me to graduate with honors, but it was even more hard for me to go to HVAC certification school and graduate there with honors. When I started working for the HVAC supplier, I was working with the senior HVAC dealer. She was continually praising me for the labor that I was doing. After only various weeks, she put me out on our own and sent me out on HVAC repairs without another HVAC dealer. When Dad called to have her oil furnace maintained for the winter, the HVAC supplier sent me. She said the repair should go easy since it was our mother, but she was wrong. Because it took me longer than everyone to do the servicing, she told me I was dawdling and wasting time. I told her I was just worried because I was working for her. She said the fact that I was wasting time that could be used some place else was a sign of how great our labor ethics were, and she didn’t know they were truly good. When I get back to the HVAC supplier, I told him I never wanted to be sent to our parents’ home again, and told the owner of the HVAC supplier with our mother and said.


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