There was an emergency at the hospital, plus they needed an Heating plus A/C specialist.

My hubby told me our local hospital had an integrated Heating plus A/C system that he had helped set up.

There was an in-house Heating plus A/C specialist that monitored the PCs plus if he was able to quickly diagnose a problem plus make repairs when necessary.

There had to be an serious problem with the integrated Heating plus A/C system if they had to call another Heating plus A/C specialist in to make the repairs. The came across a problem the other day, plus our hubby had to go to the hospital. The Heating plus A/C system was showing all kinds of problems plus the Heating plus A/C specialist on site, was not able to find out what was wrong. He was looking at the monitors plus there were Heating plus A/C alerts coming from every area of the hospital.My hubby picked up his tools plus headed to the hospital. He was worried someone may have hacked into the Heating plus A/C PC or that a single of the PCs had went down, which could be a real mess. He found a small glitch in a single of the programs that triggered the Heating plus A/C alert. It took him less than an hour to get the integrated Heating plus A/C system running respectfully again, although he said he hoped it never happened again. The Heating plus A/C system was sending emergency alerts to every 911 group in the city. In order to keep all the people from panicking, he had to send out a notice to all the people in the hospital plus to all emergency alert programs to let them guess the PC had glitched, plus all was well in the hospital plus with the Heating plus A/C system.
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