I always help support the local fundraisers for the schools. Our children bring home the products that they’re selling, and I’ll usually buy a couple of boxes of chocolate and donate the candy to our church and the local children’s hospital. Our son was particularly happy about this fundraiser because of some of the prizes available for selling a certain amount of fundraiser products. To be honest, I thought he wanted to go for the top prize which was a cool looking dirt bike! I could imagine him tearing it up in the backwoods where the youngsters always go biking. I remember telling him that if he won that dirtbike, he better wear a helmet and be careful. He just smiled and did his thing. I also told him that the chocolate he had on hand, he better keep it in the air conditioning of our house so none of the bars were melting. He kept them in his room nearby where his window AC unit was working. I would have told him to put the bars in the freezer, but our freezer was packed with food so that couldn’t be done. He sold so many chocolate bars and other treats, I thought for sure he would win the first prize. Actually though, he ended up getting 3rd place which still qualified him for the bronze price, which was a UV air purifier. It was actually a very nice one and he later told us that this was the prize he was shooting for. He didn’t really like the dirtbike or the second prize smart thermostat. He wanted that UV air purifier to help improve our air quality at home and keep us safe from dangerous pathogens. What a thoughtful kid he has turned out to be.

I like to support the local fundraisers
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