I figured out\how to keep the headaches away

It wasn’t too long ago when I got regular headaches every single day & the pain was difficult for me to deal with.

This was especially tricky for me because I’m unable to take regular headache medicine without becoming nauseous and ill.

I’m not sure what exactly changed in my system, because I used to take headache medicine & it worked fine. Then as I became older, I would literally vomit whenever taking the medicine. I found out from my doc that this does happen to people, & then they need to seek alternative medicines to ease their aches and pains. He recommended medical cannabis, & surprisingly that has helped a lot, now if I feel an extreme migraine, I care about some cannabis & relax in my room with pitch-perfect temperature control settings, and usually when I crank the A/C system in the summer months, my headaches are able to calm down. In the winter, I’ll have the heating system working often & usually I’ll have the fan working. I think the truly white noise from the ceiling fan helps a lot with soothing my headache pains, then recently though, I determined that I had very high blood pressure. It seemed to me that it was a combination of stress & such an awful diet. I mean with all the pizza, chicken wings, fried foods & what not, it was not any wonder I was getting constant headaches. As soon as I took sugar & high sodium foods out of my diet, the headaches went away! I still like to hang around the condo with the perfect temperature controls, but my headaches are more sparse with a healthy diet these nights & I hope I can keep it that way.

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