I thought it was amazing what our local HVAC corporation started doing recently! They started an initiative to help those in the community who were struggling. They decided to give people an opportunity to help neighbors and loved ones with their HVAC services, and whoever decided to help cover the cost for HVAC services for struggling neighbors and those in need in the community were given a discount on their own HVAC services. The beautiful thing is that tons of people decided to help others. I kept seeing the A/C vans all over the place, doing their thing for the people making sure everybody was comfortable during the peak seasons. I’ve heard amazing stories about people who were helped out anonymously and those who were helped poured their hearts thanking those people who helped them when they were in need, some of these people said with the high gas prices and food prices, they were hardly able to continue to get to work and put food on the table, let alone get their A/C proposal repaired. Some of these people were going through the summer with zero air conditioner, but everything changed thanks to our local A/C dealer. The beautiful thing is that the generosity was contagious, and other A/C companies joined in to help the community as a whole! People were getting A/C services, UV air purification systems, and people just seemed more glad despite the struggling economic times we have been facing. We donated a lot of currency to the anonymous fund to help random people who were struggling, so we feel great about being able to help some desperate folks in need.

Helping out those in need

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