The condo services the HVAC corporation provided

When Gay and I first started using a local HVAC corporation, the tech asked us if both of us would be interested in going for an HVAC annual maintenance plan.

I didn’t love the thought of getting into a contract when I hadn’t yet used their condo services for very long, so I had to decline at that time.

My wife Gay said I was deranged for not going for the HVAC maintenance plan because both of us might have saved more money for our regular HVAC maintenance & care. I shrugged & said that I didn’t want to risk being stuck in a contract if things didn’t go so well. Gay agreed that my reasoning was sound, & so it was something both of us didn’t worry about. Of course, these skilled professionals did a great job on our HVAC equipment. They offered us a number of energy saving tips too which both of us utilized & managed to save big. After the first year, Gay kept reminding me that both of us should ask about enrolling into the HVAC maintenance plan since both of us really appreciated their condo services. So I finally asked the HVAC professional when he came over, & he seemed to be blissful about it. He told us some of the benefits love priority scheduling & they even had 1 annual plan where they would change our air filters every quarter. I felt I could change my own air filters well enough, even though I did go for the basic maintenance plan which also covers up to 4 repairs every year, which gives me peace of mind. Gay jokes with me occasionally saying how both of us should have got that maintenance plan long ago, even though I am genuinely blissful with how both of us did things. Gay and I got to guess the people both of us are dealing with.

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