We got a new commercial heating system set up at the lodge

We own a successful lodge.

It’s one thing to own a business, it’s another for it to be successful. And we managed to say we have a thriving business. The first time we saw the lodge, it was in shambles. The previous owners were older and couldn’t take care of the place like back in its glory days. Now, they were looking to sell it and pay off some of the debt they had accrued trying to keep the business afloat. We chose to give this place a chance because we have experience in the hospitality industry. But, first was trying to upgrade it to a presentable state that would attract guests. The lodge required good heating in winter and AC in summer. Otherwise, people couldn’t enjoy a time in this amazing place at the height of the two seasons. Trying to find an affordable commercial HVAC system for the lodge was an uphill task. We consulted several HVAC companies and they gave us a quote that nearly half the budget of renovating the entire lodge. Finally, one HVAC company seemed reasonably priced and even offered us a discount for installation. They sent over an HVAC crew to remove the old heating and cooling systems while checking the ductwork. Some of the ductwork had to be replaced before they could install the new commercial HVAC at the lodge. We ideally wanted to get radiant heating for the lodge to make it more sophisticated. But, we had to shelf those plans until later when we had made a return on the investment. The time seems right for this and next week we meet with the HVAC company rep.



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