When I travel with my pup, I constantly stay in a corporate rental

I am a food blogger and when I travel, I love to bring my dog Bella with me! Bella is the most adorable 2-year-old cockapoo, who enjoys to play with her toys; I have had her since she was 8 weeks old, and she has become my traveling buddy, then she enjoys car rides and of course her favorite section is to look out the window.

Because I travel so much, I can’t leave Bella at home, so she is constantly with myself and others when I am on assignments.

Before I got Bella, I stayed in hotel rooms when I traveled, but as you may know, not all hotels allow pets, and the fees are usually outrageous. So, once Bella began to travel with me, I switched from hotels and began using corporate rentals; The fully furnished apartments are usually the perfect size for myself and others and my pup, but additionally, hotels are usually situated in crowded parts of the city, but corporate rentals are usually nestled inside residential communities. This gives Bella a option to play with other dogs in the area. Aside from the location, corporate rentals are a lot cheaper than renting hotel rooms. And of course, the amenities are a lot better as the rentals have separate rooms, some have offices and most have washer and dryers in addition to a full stocked kitchen. And speaking of kitchen, the rentals allow myself and others to cook meals which helps to split down on the cost of food when I travel. All in all, a corporate rental is just a better option for myself and others and Bella.

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