Books and air quality, way too extravagant

I want to support my partner in everything they do.

Bob is a superb person to have in my life and I never want to discourage any of their hobbies, interests, or goals, and however, there comes a point when you have to draw the line.

For me, that line surrounds Bob’s love for collecting ancient books. Now, he was a librarian for years of his life so I understand that Bob has a particular love for ancient literature. I respect it and I want to encourage their interest. But at the same time, do you assume how extravagant custom heating, cooling, and air quality control replacements can be? Because I can tell you all about top of the line heating, cooling system, ventilation, and dehumidification systems at this point, and I’ve never had the slightest interest in heating and cooling component before this point. I have to be knowledgeable when the two of us talk about indoor temperature control, because we’re shelling out so much cash to the local air quality control company that we’ll go bankrupt if I don’t want our bills. Our utility bills are astronomical each month. But it’s the specialized heating and cooling appointments that are really putting us in financial danger, and you see, Bob requires zone controlled heating and cooling for his collection. He also needs advanced air quality control that allows for maintaining a precise humidity level for his rare belongings. All of us have to use high tech smart control units along with additional temperature monitors in order to keep all these extravagant gadgets laboring cohesively. And all of this requires the local Heating plus Air Conditioning company to visit our home roughly once a month. Altogether, Bob’s collection better be worth millions someday, because our air quality is running us out of apartment and home.


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