Having an insect problem in my home

I went and bought some fresh fruit from the grocery store last week and I did not know it at the time but that fresh fruit was a ticking time bomb. All the fruit was fresh except for one apple that I had, that at one apple I had was, quite literally, the bad Apple. However I didn’t know it at the time, and I wouldn’t know it for days to come. But there were some fruit flies that had laid their eggs inside this apple that was rotting on one side. That was the beginning of the end. Because before I knew it I had the little buzzers buzzing around my house and attacking my fresh fruit. They were trying to breed in the rotting fruit, and when they didn’t have access to riding free anymore because I threw it away they didn’t start trying to breed in my fresh fruit. I had to end up putting my fresh fruit in sealed bags and I went through my entire refrigerator throwing away any fruit that was no longer good. Then I got one of those handy sticky tape traps and I started catching a bunch of the little buggers. Thankfully, most of them seem to be gone now but I still have some that are busy around. I’m hoping within the next week or so they’ll be completely gone. I’m making sure I keep everything extra clean and that they don’t have access to anything that they could possibly try to breed in. We’re all the things I’ve noticed I just helped to keep my AC running all day long. It doesn’t do great for my heating and cooling bills but the air is circulating around my place makes it harder for the little buzzers to fly around. A lot of fans help us too so I have a lot of fans running. My home has been fairly chaotic for the past week.


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