He offered to sell the old air conditioning unit.

When I got the new air conditioning unit, I thought the HVAC company would take the old air conditioning unit away. Since I didn’t have it written in my contract, they didn’t take the furnace away. I asked what I was supposed to do with the AC unit, but he only shrugged. He told me he could sell the old air conditioning unit if I wanted to get rid of it. I could not believe he wanted to sell the air conditioning unit. I asked if I would get the money and he smirked. He said if he sold the air conditioner, the money would be his. Something about that statement really hit a chord, and it wasn’t a good one. I sat there and thought about what he said. I wanted to know if he was legit, and I called the HVAC company as soon as he left. The HVAC technician who answered the phone asked what he could help me with, and I told him the story. He asked if I was sure I was calling the right HVAC company. I gave him my name and address and said it was their HVAC company that I bought the air conditioning unit from. He looked up my information and said it was the right HVAC company, but they always took the old HVAC units with them. No one would ever say they wanted to sell the air conditioning unit for profit. It took a couple of days for them to check it out, but they soon found out who the man was. He wasn’t just fired, but they arrested him for impersonating an HVAC technician.


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