HVAC upgrade changes more than temperature in the office

There’s even zone controlled HVAC in this place now

For sure, I did my best to work with that last bunch that was managing this place. And I always tried to come with solutions and not just problems. However, I think even I would have paid better attention to the details when it came to managing this place. Doing stuff like misappropriating money that was expressly designated for commercial HVAC was pretty egregious. Then again, I’m not exactly the dishonest sort nor would I ever betrayed by ethics. I’m also not the sort of person that needs to be right all the time. I just want the office to run well. In part, these details and lack of ethics was what led the entire management team to get fired. What was supposed to be a corporate visit ended up having a corporate transition team come in and take over the office. We now have a new boss and the very first things she did was upgrade the commercial HVAC in the office. The HVAC company was out here for several days changing out the HVAC equipment and now we have wonderful air conditioning as well as HVAC heating. The HVAC technology change is like night and day. And it goes to morale as well. I don’t hate coming to work now. That’s quite a change and my colleagues feel the same way. There’s even zone controlled HVAC in this place now. Our new boss set up zones and asked for suggestions so we were then free to move to different temperature zones that suited us best. I’m actually looking forward to the future thanks to something just as simple as commercial HVAC being addressed right away.

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