I like the new office indoor temperature as well as odor

My office was closed down for 3 afternoons, so the building owner could replace all of the heating as well as A/C equipment.

I knew that it was time to replace the heating as well as A/C device a year or two ago, when the un-even temperatures started getting warmer as well as warmer while in the summer. The Winter time un-even temperatures were never absolutely a problem, however while in the summer, it was really sizzling as well as humid inside of the building. I did not even want an office with windows, because it let more heat into the building. I was happy when I found out about the office closure, but first, the two of us got several paid afternoons as well as the two of us did not have to use any of our vacation time, however since the owner of the building had to make the replaces, the two of us were forced to shut down work. The boss decided to pay almost everyone for those 3 afternoons. The owner of the building installed a new heating as well as A/C plan along with an air filtration unit. The air filtration unit works absolutely well. The first time I went back to the office, I could feel the temperature difference in the air. It was much cooler as well as the air was crisp as well as free of humidity. The office indoor un-even temperatures weren’t even the best part. The smell inside of the building was scrub as well as fresh. It was like walking into a brand new hospital or office building. I appreciated the new air smell for several weeks, however now I don’t even notice there is a difference unless someone makes a smelly piece of fish in the split room.

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