I never said I needed new HVAC professionals

I got a call recently from the new HVAC appliance supplier in our local area.

They said they had heard I was looking for a new HVAC worker, and they had a couple of HVAC appliance workers that may suit my needs.

It genuinely bothered me when he said he heard I was looking for a new HVAC worker. I asked who told him I was looking for a new HVAC worker? He told me was making cold calls, and that was the best forward pitch he was able to come up with. I was on the ‘do not call’ list and he had no right to call me. He started to splutter, and I thought he would hang up on me. Instead of hanging up, he asked if I would supply him an actual chance to talk about the skills of the new corporation. I knew my present HVAC supplier had a fair amount of excellent skills, and I didn’t really have the belief that I needed anything more than I had. I asked if they had a website I could check, and I could compare their specialties to what they had at my local HVAC corporation. He said their website wasn’t live yet, but they were genuinely working on it. I wanted an e-mail or something where I could honestly research what their HVAC supplier had to offer. He said he could send me a flyer if I was interested, but I totally wasn’t. I asked him to take my number out of their complete system and put me on their ‘do not call’ list. He wasn’t ecstatic, and he was still talking as I chose to hang up on him.
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