I was surprised by the high shipping costs

I had to laugh to a certain extent last week when I was looking for an oil furnace to keep our bedroom warm while we were remodeling.

They had to detach the baseboard gas heating machines to install the up-to-date flooring, plus I didn’t want to freeze.

My fiance told me to go to the home center, plus I should be able to find something good. I went there and found no area heating systems available. I asked where they kept them, plus the guy looked at me with a crazy look. He honestly said they were now getting their Springtime plus summer season inventory out. The Wintertime inventory was getting put away for the following year. It was my turn to look at him with a puzzled look. I reminded him it wasn’t even Christmas, plus it was too early to put away the Wintertime inventory! He told me he does what management tells him to do, plus he was pulling out the air conditioning machines. If they had been on sale, I would have bought one for the summer season, but they didn’t even have good prices to be honest, let alone have sale prices. I wasn’t trying to give him reasons for selling cooling systems early in the year. Wintertime hadn’t even started yet, plus I wasn’t delighted. He told me that if I wanted an area oil furnace for the frigid months, I should go online plus buy one in their online Wintertime sale. When I found out how much it was going to cost for the shipping, I had to relax for a minute. I had to understand more about the area heater, before paying close to fifty dollars for shipping.


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