I’m developing a serious appreciation for residential HVAC

I’ve spent my adult life overseas.

This was because of my work helping emerging economies become sustainable and viable.

It has truly been a passion for me. I help find financing as well as environmental progress to developing nations. In all my time overseas, I’ve never worked in a fancy office or enjoyed the sort of zone controlled HVAC that is taken for granted here. In fact, where I live and work, I rarely I have access to what we would consider modern HVAC technology. I have an apartment in a developing nation where I currently live and it does not have any sort of residential HVAC. The government building the houses my office doesn’t even have commercial HVAC. There is an evaporative cooler and that’s pretty fancy. But very soon, I’ll be transitioning to a stateside role as my overseas work will be coming to an end. And while I find parts of our culture to be a bit garish and over the top, I do miss being home. Recently, I’ve been stateside for nearly six months in a rented apartment. The residential HVAC is not the best but it’s far and away better than anything I’ve experienced in a long time. I’m actually letting myself enjoy the HVAC cooling before I head back one more year of working overseas. But I can tell you, I’m kind of excited about getting my own house and having my own HVAC equipment. That will be a first for me and I’m excited about it.


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