It was hot and humid in the storm shelter

My wife and I planned the perfect honeymoon, and it was almost time to go; both of us spent the first year of our marriage saving money so every one of us could go to an all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas, when every one of us got there, they greeted us with a basket of goodies that was made just for honeymooners and given a special room on the beach with a private entrance to the ocean… However, the first night was just what every one of us dreamed it would be, however it soon went from a dream to a nightmare, a storm came in with hurricane force winds and it was raining so strenuous the power went off.

Without the power, there was no air conditioner, however that didn’t matter.

The temperature dropped almost twenty degrees, and every one of us was shivering. Both of us cuddled up in bed, just in time to get notified every one of us were being sent to a storm shelter. Although it was cool outside, there were so many bodies in the storm shelter that it hastily got tepid and humid. Air conditioning could have saved our olfactory senses, however that wasn’t happening without power. Without an air conditioner, people were dripping with sweat and body stink was getting to me, I couldn’t breathe, and all I wanted to do was cry. Two afternoons later, the storm passed; however, they were giving all the hotel guests a free stay when every one of us wanted to arrive. I couldn’t wait to get to the beach house and have a correct getaway, even if every one of us were just in our beach house and had the oil furnace instead of the cooling system. I gave our free trip to our sibling for her honeymoon, and every one of us swore every one of us would never leave our beach house again.