It's just not cool outside yet!

I legitimately wish the Winter time would hurry up and get in full swing! The people I was with and I don’t even get particularally freezing weather where I live, then however, I look forward to the somewhat chillier weather that the people I was with and I get every year… The problem is, it’s a crap shoot as to whether it will be cool at some point in the fall and Winter time and whether it will be simply mild or even warm.

  • The people I was with and I live in that kind of temperature, unfortunately; Well, fall started off promising enough! It was already in the high 40s a few mornings.

Then, after a week or more than one, the people I was with and I made the decision to go back to mild and or hot weather! Since then, December has started, and it’s still not particularally chilly. Still, at night it gets down to the low 50’s. I don’t even put the heat on. I’m essentially not using our temperature control system at all, because I legitimately like when it gets freezing like that; Even when it is cooler at such temperatures, I end up running my fans anyway. As a result, my room becomes what I consider to be the absolute perfect place to sleep. I get to be harshly comfortable in my room and I’m not even paying anything for Heating & Air Conditioning. That’s why I wish that the temperature would be more consistently down in the ’50s and ’40s. If they stayed there, I would never use the heat, and I would actually never have need for the A/C, so I would save a whole bunch of currency on my Heating & Air Conditioning portion of the energy bill.

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