Make me an offer, and I might sell it to you.

I was talking to a gentleman who came to work on my flooring last week.

  • He was taking measurements and showing me different flooring and carpet and swatches.

He asked why I was getting rid of the fireplace, and I told him I couldn’t afford to have it repaired. He asked if I was willing to sell it, and I thought about it. I told him if he made a good offer, and would disassemble it and take it away, it was his. My husband couldn’t believe I may have someone willing to purchase the fireplace. I wasn’t sure if I had a potential buyer, or just someone talking, but I did give him our phone number. A week later, he was back at our house working on the flooring. He asked if I was still interested in getting rid of the fireplace. He had talked to his wife, and she wanted to see it. I asked if he told her they had to dismantle it and take it away. He said he would tell her that after she decided she wanted it. I wondered if he had any idea how difficult it was going to be to remove every brick and put it back together the way it came apart. I looked into the difficulty of the job. It was going to take a lot of time and a lot of energy to get it done. I didn’t even know what I would charge them to remove the fireplace. I just didn’t want it in my home, so I told him if he took it apart and removed all the bricks, he could have it for nothing.

furnace/heater tune-up