Mom was happy to finally afford radiant floor heating

It’s been quite an interesting time for my mom ever since she won the lottery.

She’d been playing for years, but to no luck.

In fact, I recall her and my dad fighting when I was young about her obsession with playing the lottery. But, mom always insisted one day she would win big. She did have a few small wins over the years. However, none of this was as significant as her latest windfall. Mom called me about 2 weeks ago with awesome news. She said she had won $1000000. At first, I thought she was pulling my leg. But, mom kept insisting and I was with her when she went to pick up her check. Now, she is planning how to use the money so that it doesn’t go to waste. Mom told me that day she was finally going to afford to install radiant floor heating in her house. She has been divorced from my dad for a decade so he won’t have any claim to the money. Mom is free to use it as she sees fit, and I believe installing radiant floor heating is a great idea. Heated floors are the best when it comes to heating a home during winter. They ensure even heat distribution throughout the house, and radiant floor heating is energy efficient. However, if you want to install heated floors in your home, you have to be ready to spend lots of money. The whole process requires removing the floors, installing the piping network for radiant heating, and redoing the floors. Before, mom would say one day she would pay for the complete process. But, now she can afford it and not have to borrow any HVAC financing.