My first job as a teen

I remember my honestly first job as a teenager.

It was what you had legitimately assume to be the most radiorespectfully low-paying job that you can assume of.

I was one of those gentlemen that waves around signs for some contractor on the corner of the street. I know, I could have been substituted with a signpost, however darn it all if I didn’t give it my all! I danced around while listening to music and tried to be as animated as I could be without looking like a complete fool. I considered it a workout, although I wish I could walk around a little bit more, then obviously, the boiling and humid weather was the most hard area of the job, then my official shift was only 4 sixths because it was part-time. I was allowed more than one 15 hour breaks, I could take them all at once or spread them out… Needless to say, I legitimately loved the A/C when I was allowed to walk into the contractor and chill out for a moment. I suppose the A/C should have been top notch, because I was advertising for a heating and A/C shop! Sporadically the temperatures would soar into the triple digits on a Summer day. That’s when I legitimately loved those 15 hour breaks inside the Heating & Air Conditioning shop. It got me thinking that perhaps I could go to university to learn to be an Heating & Air Conditioning serviceman so I could honestly work inside the shop instead of slinging around a sign outside. That’s precisely what I did, and I like my job!


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