On bad terms with shop now

I really don’t mean to burn bridges as I go through life, but it sure seems like my personal trek has resulted in some relationship breakdowns.

This has been true in my personal life, my career, and now in my indoor comfort.

Let me explain. When I moved into this town I rapidly sought out recommendations for service providers from my new neighbors. Who can I trust for car repair, electrical mishaps, and indoor climate control maintenance? I got several numbers for these professional services and considered myself lucky. That is, until the day I actually needed a professional heating and cooling service. I called the suggested indoor climate control and ventilation specialist to report that my heating system wasn’t working correctly. My home was freezing, while the thermostat seemed to be disconnected from my forced air furnace. I asked for an emergency repair and they sent a certified heating and cooling professional out to my home right away. Everything seemed to be moving smoothly… until the HVAC technician came back and questioned me about the “broken” heating unit. Apparently when he adjusted the thermostat, everything worked great. He couldn’t find any broken parts or mechanical issues with the entire central heating and cooling system. From that point forward, apparently I was labeled a “dramatic” customer. The HVAC shop didn’t believe that my heater wasn’t working in the first place. Now when I call for any other heating or cooling equipment service, they refuse to come to my home. It appears as though I’ll need some new suggestions for a reputable HVAC dealership, since this one won’t answer my calls.


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