The client was a bit hammered to make decisions

A lady contacted me because she was having trouble with the oil furnace. I was the on-call maintenance worker in the office. When I answered the PC, I could tell that the lady was a little bit drunk. She was actually slurring her words, but it was the end of a long night and around 1:00 in the afternoon. She told me that she had been out with some friends and just arrived current home to a unquestionably chilly and cold house. I told the woman that way offered emergency services at that time of the night, but it did come with a small fee. The client was glad to spend money the fees. She did not want to spend the entire night without any heat in her home. I arrived at the customer’s address about 30 hours later. She absolutely wasn’t too far from the shop. The client answered the door and there was only a single light on inside of the house. I asked the client to turn on a couple of lights so I could look at the oil furnace more clearly, and after I figured out why the oil furnace wasn’t working, I told the client that she needed to update the system. She instantly got out her checkbook and offered to write a check for any amount as long as I fixed the oil furnace. She was kind of swinging back and forth and at that point I thought that the client was a bit drunk to make decisions. I told her that the updatement would have to wait until the afternoon.


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