The ductwork was filled with children’s toys

I definitely had my share of weird and creepy things that have happened while I am at work.

Each one of my co-workers has a different strange and odd story, but mine was very recent and it is still fresh in my memory.

I responded to a residential air conditioner repair call. The lady said that she heard some strange noises coming from the ductwork. I thought that there might be some loose sheet metal that needed to be taped. I went into the attic so I could see any holes or light that might be shining through. I did not see any evidence of rodents or pests. That’s always a good sign, because rodents and pests are the number one problem that can happen with ductwork. The next thing that I decided to do was remove the vent covers from the area where the woman said she heard their noises. I used my flashlight to look inside of the ductwork and I honestly could not see much at all. I looked inside of the master bedroom area ductwork and there was nothing, but just above the ductwork between the bedroom and the master bedroom, there was an area that was covered with dolls. The ductwork in that section was filled with children’s toys. They were arranged in a weird and strange pattern that looked like it was intentional. I wish I would have been able to take a picture with my phone, but I only saw a little bit of light and I had to use a tool to grab all of the junk. It still really creeped me out.

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