The life as a HVAC technician is a busy one

When I first married my husband, and I found out that he was a heating and AC worker, I had no idea how busy his life was actually going to be.

He told me that he was constantly on call doing all kinds of heating and AC runs, and the busiest seasons were during the summer and the winter. This is because in the summer everybody wants to make sure they’re AC is tuned up and ready to handle anything that the heat might throw at him. The same is true for the winter weather except that it is the heater that everyone must have tuned up. I really love that he loves his job, but I wish he wasn’t almost always on call. There have been times that we’d be in the middle of a date night and he would have to leave to go to service somebody’s heating and AC system. It can be very frustrating when it seems like he’s not around as much as I can be because of how busy his job keeps him. On the brighter side, we never have to worry about having any kind of issues with our heating and AC system. The moment there is an issue with our HVAC unit he’s already on it and having it repaired. So I never have to pay for heating and AC repairs anymore. I just wish he could spend more time with the family. It seems like he’s always away so often doing the HVAC service and repairs.

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