The shipping price was outrageous

I had to laugh a little bit last week when I was looking for a space furnace to keep our living room sizzling while we were remodeling. They had to remove the baseboard heating devices to install the new flooring, as well as I didn’t want to freeze. My wife told me to go to the home center, as well as I should be able to find one. I walked in, however there were no space heating systems available. I asked where they kept them, as well as the woman looked at me sort of like I was crazy. I was told they were now getting their Spring as well as Summer inventory out. The winter inventory was getting put away for next year. It was my turn to look at her as though she was the absurd one. I reminded her it wasn’t even Christmas, as well as it was too early to put away the winter inventory. She told me she does what management tells her to do, as well as she was pulling out the air conditioner units. If they had been on sale, I would have purchased one for the warm season, however they didn’t even have fine prices on them, let alone have sale prices. I wasn’t giving her reasons for selling air conditioning systems this early in the year, but winter hadn’t even begun yet, as well as I wasn’t glad about it. She told me that if I wanted a space furnace for the cold season, I should go online as well as buy one in their online winter sale. When I found out how much it was going to cost for the shipping, I backed away for a while. I had to take some more time to think about the space heater, before paying almost fifty dollars for shipping.

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