There are advantages to getting HVAC service warranties

When I bought my up-to-date heating and A/C system, I also bought a service and service agreement, then I had several years of free inspections and servicing.

If I had to have a service done, all I had to pay for was the parts, however the job was free.

Last week, I called the local heating and A/C company because of a concern with my gas furnace. I didn’t think what was wrong, however I knew I didn’t have enough heat, when the heating and A/C worker arrived, he repaired the gas furnace and handed me a bill. I told him I had a service and service agreement, and he just stared at me; he also said this wasn’t service, however just a repair, repairs that were completed when the service was done were covered. I had to put up cash for this service call. I also paid him, however I also called the heating and A/C dealer. I wanted to think why the heating and A/C worker wouldn’t honor my service agreement! The heating and A/C worker who actually answered the cell phone asked for my name and address. He looked up the account and told me I didn’t have a service agreement, and he didn’t think why I was charged. He said he would talk to the heating and A/C worker when he got back to the office, and give me a call; a minute later, I got a call from the heating and A/C dealer. They were sending my check back to me. He apologized and told me the heating and A/C worker was up-to-date and he didn’t think about the service agreements. I think they need to let their up-to-date heating and A/C workers think about all policies before sending them to a customer’s house.

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