They said there was no extra cost.

When I bought my new HVAC system, I also bought a maintenance and repair agreement.

I had two years of free inspections and servicing. If I had to have a repair done, all I had to pay for was the parts, but the work was free. Last week, I called the HVAC company because of a problem with my furnace. I didn’t know what was wrong, but I knew I didn’t have enough heat. When the HVAC technician arrived, he repaired the furnace and handed me a bill. I told him I had a maintenance and repair agreement, and he just stared at me. He said this wasn’t maintenance, but just a repair. Repairs that were completed when the maintenance was done were covered. I had to pay for this service call. I paid him, but I also called the HVAC company. I wanted to know why the HVAC technician wouldn’t honor my service agreement. The HVAC technician who answered the phone asked for my name and address. He looked up the account and told me I didn’t have a maintenance agreement, and he didn’t know why I was charged. He said he would talk to the HVAC technician when he got back to the office, and give me a call. An hour later, I got a call from the HVAC company. They were sending my check back to me. He apologized and told me the HVAC technician was new and he didn’t know about the maintenance agreements. I think they need to let their new HVAC technicians know about all policies before sending them to a customer’s house.