Too much noise to concentrate

I’m working on something.

The best thing that I like to have is peace.

I do best when I can work in a quiet environment, it’s not impossible for me to work in loud and noisy environments but it just makes it a lot more difficult. However, it seems like the universe seems to know whenever I actually go and try to sit down and get something done that’s when everything becomes so loud. Sort of similar to how if you’re up late at night and you’re trying very hard to be quiet that you end up somehow making the most noise. Why is that exactly? Why is it whenever you’re trying to be very quiet it’s like you somehow end up being much louder than you intend to be. It’s almost inevitable. It could be something as simple as getting up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and somehow I’ll pull the glass out of the cabinet and accidentally clank the glasses together, or drop something, or you step on that one tile or board that’s loose in the floor and that makes a lot of noise. It doesn’t help but I also live with a very noisy cat that loves meowing at all hours of the night. I love cats but man, that can get annoying. On the brighter side though, there is one noise that helps me concentrate no matter what’s going on and that’s the sound of my AC running. I don’t know what it is but I just love the sound of my AC. I guess because I love the cool air that my air conditioning system puts out and when I hear the sound of the air conditioning system running I know that it’s working to put out cool air and keep my temperature preferences just where I like them. As long as I have my temperature preferences where I need them I know that I can get everything done.



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