Was stunned by the impact of direct light on the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C demand

The people I was with and I were so happy when both of us first moved to this region.

And there were many main reasons for that, but first, both of us never had to face the prefers of a winner that needed a gas oil furnace or a boiler to survive.

Second, both of us were not going to miss the HV A/C heating cost for those kind of Windows either. The idea of having a Winter time full of sunshine and being able to get outside was just so charming. The other part of the move that both of us were so happy about what the fact that both of us would be able to enjoy some privacy. After a lifetime spent residing in the city, the idea of having some space was also super charming… No longer would both of us have to argument for the least bit of privacy; Moving to a lake house on 11 acres with no neighbors was just the ticket. It’s still genuinely difficult to think that both of us pulled it off, however when both of us did move down here, it was everything both of us thought it would be. But the Privacy thing Carlos a big lesson when it came to the HV A/C Cooling. Since both of us did not have any neighbors, both of us thought we’d leave the window treatments off. This way both of us could enjoy The View and both of us did not need to worry about closing the drapes for privacy. That was great through our first mild winter. But after that I got introduced to direct sunshine Heating. What’s the temperature started to rise, our air conditioner costs were Sky High. That’s when both of us l earned from the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professionals about covering the windows. Honey solar shades cut that air conditioner bill by nearly 50 percent.