We used my portable a/c in the camper van

I’m quite a nature lover plus I care about exploring current locations when I have the free time.

This used to be our favorite thing to do when I was in college! But, ever since I got our work, it’s not as easy to get time off… However, last summer, I was facing serious burn out plus opted to head out for a week… My buddy owns a camper van that she enjoys using in fall, and she’s not a fan of traveling in summertime since there are too many tourists around.

But, I had to do so while we were in summertime because fall was a tied up time for us at work. She explained that everything was maintained including the A/C to keep me cool. My goal was to reach this remote forest many states away that is said to be on a peak plus has the most amazing views, however i’d stay there for a month plus be back feeling refreshed. While I was packing, I opted at the last minute to bring a powerful portable A/C unit. While our buddy had assured me the camper was maintained plus the A/C was now working, it didn’t hurt anyone to have a backup plan. Having another portable A/C at hand is better than hoping I’d brought it in case anything happened to the camper’s AC. It took many different turns for me to finally find the spot… Luckily, there was only 1 other campervan there plus the guy just wanted to rest. Three days into our relaxation, the A/C in the camper failed plus I had to use our portable A/C unit. I felt so fortunate to have it because it was also getting hotter every day.

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