Allergies affect me badly during the spring season

I’m jealous of my friends that don’t have to deal with seasonal allergies. They drive me crazy and begin when the weather starts to get nice. Everyone else is excited to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather, but I have to stay indoors or suffer the consequences. When I go outside for any length of time, I do my best to avoid as many allergens as possible. Wearing a mask has really helped as well. I think I will continue to wear a mask long after the guidelines are lifted just because it helps so much during the allergy season. I often have problems like headaches, itchy eyes, and a sore throat. Last spring the neighbor planted a flower that really bothered my allergies a great deal. Even when I was inside of the house, I was still bothered by the allergen. The pollen was everywhere on the ground and in the air. I bought a room air purifier and that helped a great deal. The air purifier removes 99% of the error contaminants and that includes allergens like ragweed, paula, and dust. Air purifiers are extremely effective and the one that I got takes care of the entire bedroom. The store even had a number of air cleaning machines that were big enough for an entire home or office building. I can move my air purifier around, but it does take some work to clean all of the air vents. There are three on the air purifier and they have to be cleaned once a week in order to make sure that the indoor air purifier works well.

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