I am not a big fan and AC company

In my home location we have a shortage of heating and a/c companies and heating and a/c experts.

It has been this way for many years.

There is not even a single independent heating and a/c expert in the area and there is only a single heating and a/c corporation. We need to get more young ones to go to heating and cooling school to get their certification to become heating and a/c experts. This would be something that would be well welcomed here because we would like to have more than just a single heating and a/c company to choose from. There are people who aren’t fond of the local HVAC business so they spend their money to get a heat and a/c companies or independent heating and a/c experts to travel long distances from other places to repair their central heating, ventilation and A/C systems when they cut down. I can’t afford to do the same even though I am not a fan of the local heating and a/c company that we have here. I hope that sometime in the new year something will happen and there will be either an independent heating and a/c expert to try out that moves into the area, or by some miracle another heating and a/c business will open up within the local area.


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