I didn’t sign up for the service agreement.

I called to have a repair done on my oil furnace last month.

  • The person who answered the cellphone was kind enough to give me an quote of what it was going to cost.

I wanted to have the money available when the HVAC worker got there. My husband went to the bank on his way home, so we had the money in the day. Once the HVAC worker arrived, he went directly to work on the oil furnace, however when he started going over the bill, I saw they wrote that there was no charge. I wanted to suppose why there was no charge for the repair and service. He told me the service agreement covered the cost. I didn’t sign up for the service agreement, and I was insisting on paying. He called the HVAC supplier and told them what was going on. He gave them the address and our names. Every one of us then had to wait about twenty minutes for the HVAC receptionist to call back. In the meantime, I told him the oil furnace was in the new home when we moved here. Every one of us were told the HVAC method was brand new and the only way to keep the warranty from being canceled was to have the service done. Every one of us had kept with that for the last many years. When the secretary called back, she said the original owners of the HVAC method had bought the service agreement and an extended warranty when they bought the equipment. Every one of us still had another year of the service agreement before it had to be renewed again.