It was my favorite Christmas gift.

We have a problem with buying Christmas gifts.

  • My husband and I were married four days before Christmas, so now we need to buy two gifts instead of one.

Normally, we buy something that will serve as both an anniversary gift and a Christmas gift. This year, I wanted nothing, and neither did my husband. We had everything we needed, and had been buying what we wanted throughout the years. Our daughter was upset that we weren’t able to give her a Christmas list, but we wanted nothing. Right before Christmas, she invited us to go to dinner with her and the family. We got to our favorite restaurant, and they were having a problem with their furnace. We were seated in an area that was large enough for ten, but had very little heating. We had on our jackets and were still enjoying the evening. Most people didn’t care to be in the area where there was no heating. I talked to the server who was wearing a sweater and told her it was cold and asked if we could move. She had nowhere that could fit ten people, and we had to stay where we were. They offered us a gift certificate to come back any time, and they didn’t charge us for our meal. We would get to come back when the furnace was working, and it wouldn’t cost a penny. Because of a non-working furnace, going to this restaurant was my favorite Christmas gift. After dinner, we spent the evening relaxing with our grandkids and enjoying a place that had a working furnace.

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