My little brother found a career in HVAC service

Lou had always drifted through life doing odd jobs and menial tasks.

He was a smart guy, and very capable, he just didn’t like the concept of having a full-time job.

Lou would find a place to work, stay there for a few weeks to a few months, and then quit to go somewhere else. He did this for years on end, until one day he was in an accident and didn’t have the medical insurance, or the money, to cover the bills. That was a wake-up call for my younger brother Lou, who realized he needed a career with benefits. I was the one who suggested getting into the HVAC industry, an idea he was initially against. Then Lou did a little online research and saw how much a certified HVAC expert can make in a year, and he changed his mind. Lou did not relish the idea of learning the intricacies of HVAC systems, but he couldn’t pass up that money! Money has always been a driving factor for him, and the starting salary for an HVAC tech is three to four times over the minimum wage. This is more money than Lou has ever made in his life. He asked me for help in getting enrolled in a training program, and I agreed to help if he started interviewing local HVAC contractors about a job. He needed HVAC experience, so even if he had to work for free, that’s what he needed to do! To make money in HVAC he has to learn it from the ground up.
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