Some advice about learning a trade

Skilled laborers will always make more money than unskilled ones, this is just a fact of life. I know that grocery store stockboys were called “essential workers” during the pandemic, but we all know that’s a load of crap, right? Stocking shelves is unskilled labor, meaning anyone can do it with virtually no training at all. I am not trying to insult people who work in grocery stores, I am just trying to illustrate a point. If you want to keep earning minimum wage forever, then stick with stocking the shelves. If you want a real career, with a chance at advancement and retirement, you need to learn a skill, like plumbing, roofing, or HVAC repair. For many years I was the manager of a video store. Remember video stores? I did that for years, and then the entire industry just vanished! If I had an HVAC certification I would never have to worry about being out of work. Unlike movie rentals, heating and cooling systems are essential facets of modern society and will never go away. The certified proof that I have the skills to repair or install HVAC equipment can get me a job in any state of the country, or around the world! HVAC systems are complex, delicate, and require an experienced hand. I only wish I hadn’t spent so long in the movie rental business! Take my advice and start researching a trade skill like HVAC work, plumbing, or electrical work. The long-term job security of the HVAC industry means I will have a long and prosperous career.



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