Switching from radiators to baseboard heaters

My husband and I toured a lot of properties before we decided on the right home for our family.

We were really happy by the location, amount of yard and square footage of the residence. We now have a wide front porch, spacious kitchen and plenty of closets. Our one complaint with the home was the boiler heating system. Our former house was equipped with a forced air furnace that we were satisfied with. I was a bit worried that the boiler would be noisy, dirty and not keep up with demand. I did some research into hydronic heating and discovered that it provides some really wonderful and unique benefits. Boilers have very few moving parts, which minimizes service requirements and provides exceptional reliability and longevity. The operation is entirely silent. Because the boiler uses water in a closed loop system, there is no risk of contaminants getting introduced into the breathing air. Plus, hydronic heating causes no issues with insufficient humidity. It’s the recommended type of heating for those who suffer asthma, allergies or respiratory difficulties. Reading up on the advantages of boilers changed my mind. However, I still wasn’t thrilled with the large and unattractive radiators in every room. They took up space, forced furniture to be arranged to accommodate them and became hot to the touch. I contacted a local HVAC provider and asked about upgrading to baseboard heaters. The improvement project was far more reasonable than I anticipated. The baseboard heaters are installed around the perimeter of the room, supplying heat at floor level, from every direction. They create a perfectly even temperature and have no trouble handling the most severe winter weather.


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