There is not even one single independent heating and air conditioning specialist

In Sheila’s local area there’s a drastic shortage of HVAC companies and HVAC professionals.

It’s always been this way for some reason.

There is not even one independent HVAC professional in the area and there is only one HVAC company. They need to get more kids to go to HVAC school to get their certification to become HVAC professionals. This would be something that would be well welcomed here because the locals would love to have more than just one HVAC company to choose from. Some folks detest the local HVAC company so they pay extra to get a HVAC company or independent HVAC pro to travel long distances from another area to repair their central HVAC systems when they break down. Sheila won’t do that even, however she is not a big fan of the local HVAC company. She hopes that sometime in the new year something will happen and there will be either an independent HVAC professionals to try out that moves into the area, or by some miracle another HVAC company will open up within the local area.


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