They wanted to cut cost on their energy use

Dan and Carol decided to buy themselves a smart temperature control in order to lower costs on their energy use when it came to their central heating and a/c unit.

By having a smart temperature control they can save on their energy bill. Dan and Carol did not know this about smart temperature controls at first. It was not until they learned something on an energy saving tips website that they found that smart temperature controls were a way to save money on your bills. Apart from the energy savings, the smart temperature control is so convenient to use. Dan and Carol love the fact that they can control their central heating and a/c unit from the app on their smartphones. It makes it so when they’re at the cabin and do not feel like getting up to mess with the temperature control, they can just click a few buttons on the app of the smart temperature control and work it that way. Also with the app you can program the smart temperature control to go on and off at certain times. Dan and Carol weren’t aware that the smart temperature control was also a programmable temperature control. This is the best thing for their central heating and a/c all around. Because they love being able to program the programmable smart temperature control to go on and off at certain times. It helps Dan and Carol avoid having to do it manually and in the event that they forget to turn off the central heating or the central a/c they will not have to worry about being cold or dehydrated.

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